Newsletter Q3/Q4 (2023) Update


The ENS DAO Newsletter has been funded for its upcoming term, focusing on archiving content and providing bi-weekly updates to the community; a preview of the new DAO newsletter format can be found here.

Focus on Archival Content and Strategic Accessibility

The ENS DAO Newsletter's primary focus for the allocated funding will be on publishing and archiving content for better accessibility. The project aims to create a comprehensive archive of past editions, making them easily searchable and accessible for the community. As part of this effort, the newsletter will be rethinking its accessibility initiatives, with translations being approached in a more strategic and high-impact manner, catering to the audience's demographics and reader demand.

To achieve this, the newsletter will temporarily pause the production of regular editorials and translations. Instead, the editorial content will be considered on a case-by-case basis, focusing on presenting more relevant, results-driven developments within ENS and the broader Ethereum Ecosystem.

Publication Schedule

The ENS DAO Newsletter will now continue to be delivered bi-weekly, every Tuesday, at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. This regularity will ensure consistent and timely updates for our community.

Q3/Q4 Funding Allocation Breakdown:

Total: $18,000 USDC

  1. Publishing:

    • Operations — $9,000 USDC for bi-weekly newsletter editions, ensuring consistent and informative updates to the community.

  2. Archival Content:

    • Archival — $3,000 USDC will be allocated towards creating a comprehensive archive site, making past editions accessible and easily searchable.

  3. Strategic Accessibility Efforts:

    • Translations — $3,000 USDC will be utilized for translations. The approach will be more focused and driven by audience demand, identifying valuable languages to target before proceeding with translations.

  4. Discretionary:

    • Editorials and Misc. — $3,000 USDC considered for editorials and other initiatives on an ad-hoc basis, based on their potential impact and relevance.

Team and Responsibilities:

As Marcus (@estmcmxci) continues to lead the newsletter, they will be responsible for researching, writing, and publishing the content. Compensation for all contributors will come from the newly created newsletter multi-sig, as specified in the funding request document.

By prioritizing archival content and strategic accessibility, the ENS DAO Newsletter aims to deliver valuable and relevant updates to the community while ensuring the preservation and accessibility of its content for future reference and use.

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