Welcome to the ENS DAO Archive

The ENS DAO Archive serves as a repository of the bi-weekly newsletter digest.

What is the ENS DAO Newsletter?

The ENS DAO Newsletter is a bi-weekly summary of the latest developments within ENS Labs, ENS DAO, and the broader ENS community. Since its vintage, It has become a core source for consistent and informative updates aimed at keeping key stakeholders up-to-date.

One of the core activities involved in the production of this newsletter is the thorough research, writing, and publishing of each edition, ensuring that the updates provided are both current and insightful. This regular dispatch serves as a repository of archival information, making new developments easily accessible, searchable, and dated for reference.

Additionally, the newsletter is open to including editorials and exploring other initiatives on an ad-hoc basis. These additions are considered based on their potential impact and relevance to the ongoing discussions and developments within the ENS community.

📌 Mission

ENS DAO Newsletter's will continue to serve consistent and informative updates to the community, as well as creating a comprehensive and accessible archive of past editions. The Newsletter has a history of being the source of the most pertinent, results-driven developments in ENS and the broader Ethereum ecosystem and we look to continue that effort.

As Marcus (estmcmxci.eth) continues to lead the newsletter, they will be responsible for researching, writing, and publishing the content. Compensation for all contributors will come from the newly created newsletter multi-sig, as specified in the Q3/Q4 (2023) update.

By prioritizing archival content and strategic accessibility, the ENS DAO Newsletter aims to deliver valuable and relevant updates to the community while ensuring the preservation and accessibility of its content for future reference and use.

☎️ Contact Information

For questions or clarifications:

  • Name: Marcus @estmcmxci(.eth)

  • Telegram: estmcmxci

  • Email: m@oakgroup.co

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